Peter and I received the call to be missionaries in the early 90’s and for many years we pondered this one question – How? How will we become missionaries? At that time, we had small children at school, full time jobs and although we were very active in our local congregation being trained in leadership, serving as home cell leaders and as ushers and we eagerly joined whenever there was an opportunity to do an outreach, we still did not have the answer.

All through the years it seemed like someone tipped a puzzle box in front of us and we were trying to get the pieces to fit!! Little by little they started to fit, our children grew up, we joined the Bible College and studied for three years and eventually obtained a degree and we were armed with a business plan for missions!! More pieces fit the picture.

We ventured out doing short term missions and outreaches and learned how to successfully take a group of people, cast the vision and optimally use the short period of time available to us to achieve an objective. We were in training!! Logistics, project management, financial planning, human resources …. all aspects that we had to learn.

Looking back, I realise that when we got the “call” that was only the beginning of our journey. We had to become trained, our hearts tested, character built, qualified and educated before we could step out and carry the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world. We needed to learn not to react to the needs of the people but to obey the instruction of God! We learnt not to make our plans and ask God to bless it but to hear God and trust that He will guide our way!

Eventually we found our answer! We are not meant to be “traditional” missionaries, but the bridge between people with a heart for Missions (people like yourself), and long-term missionaries living in foreign countries, supporting them by bringing them provisions and some physical help for an agreed period.

Today we can say that we follow the command of Jesus Christ “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations …” Matt 28:19. We are inviting ordinary Christians, who also want to answer the command of Jesus, to join us as we take you on a mission trip to Experience God in Africa.