Previous Outreach: March 2017

  • Assisted with Pop-up-Shop in order to penetrate the community and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Many salvations were made and given to our local partner church to follow up
  • Door-to-door ministry in the afternoon
  • Many people were prayed for and instant healing took place
  • Built relationship with the local partner church and provided support with their outreach

More about our previous mission trip to paarl

The focus for this mission trip was to support the Paarl Campus of The Bay Christian Family Church with their “Pop-up-Shop” outreach and to evangelise the areas surrounding the new campus to grow the church.

Some clothes were donated by The Bay Christian Family Church, as well as sourced from the Paarl Campus for this outreach. We had Salvation Cards ready at the “Pop-up-Shop” and the evangelising teams used them when they moved into the surrounding suburbs.
Salvation calls were made at the “Pop-up-Shop” throughout the morning, with a great measure of success.
After the outreach we all enjoyed lunch together. This created a lovely time of fellowship for the members and volunteers alike and they got to know one another after working side by side the whole morning. Then the volunteers were divided into three teams and headed into designated areas and do house to house evangelising in the neighbourhood. We wanted to create an awareness for the new premises of the church and serve the local people by praying for their needs, but also encourage the volunteers into doing something which none of them had done before.
On Sunday morning, we joined the Paarl Campus for the morning service and handed out gifts to the Pastors – just to say thank you for accommodating us.
The Lord gave me a vision of an almost burnt out fire, white with ash and barely no heat emanating from it. But then a wind came and blew the ash away to reveal the red coals underneath, glowing and still burning – ready to receive new material for a continued fire.
This vision was received, and it encouraged the Paarl Leadership greatly. We believe the 110 salvations, plus 1 on Sunday morning, is the beginning of great new things in Paarl.

New Paarl Campus Venue

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